PWP, Chartered Accountants,15+ years of accounting/taxation exp

• Financial Statement Preparation (Notice to Reader/Compilation)
• Corporate Income Tax Return Filings (T2)
• GST/HST/WSIB Filings
• Review Engagements
• Audit Engagements
• Tax Planning
• Bookkeeping Services
• Payroll Services
• Paystub, T4, T5, T4A & ROE preparation
• Business Registration and Incorporation
• Not-For-Profit Corporations/Charities returns
Sole Proprietors, Partnerships and Employees
• Personal Income Taxes (T1)
• Tax Planning
• GST/HST Filings
• Bookkeeping Services
• Payroll
• CRA Representation
• Trust (T3) / Deceased Returns
About Us
• Medium size public accounting practice with 5 partners and a number of exceptional accounting staffs;
• Expert bookkeeper and accountant for professionals (doctors/dentists/lawyers)
• Corporate and individual tax specialist;
• Forensic Services, Litigation Support and Loss Quantification; and
• Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) under the ICAO (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario).